2 weeks until Haiti

In exactly two weeks I will be heading to Haiti. This will be my first time back since I was adopted. If your new to my blog, I was adopted when I was eighteen months old, now eighteen years old. 

Ever since I was adopted I was always told my birth parents and siblings in Haiti had passed away. I had always held at least a little hope that someone in my biological family was still alive. When I met with my Adoption Case Worker in 2010 she mentioned how she had not seen my birth mom in years, and normally that means that she has passed away. Of course I was bummed, but I was still thankful I at least had some pictures of them. 

I still held hope that someone in my biological family was still alive. In 2015 I recived great news in an E-mail saying that they found my Birth mom and two older siblings. Sadly my Biological Father passed away a while back. 

In 2016 I started saving, doing fundraisers, yard sales, and working extra hours so my family and I could raise money to go to haiti. It honestly seemed like forever while saving, but honestly it all happened so fast. We had enough money for all other expenses, except our airplane tickets. The prices kept going up. Very happy that someone blessed us by buying our plane tickets. 
So, now our trip is fully funded, and we leave in TWO WEEKS! It still doesn’t seem real that in just two weeks I’ll get to meet my birth mom. Something I’ve dreamed about for years. I would say July 3rd can’t come soon enough, but it certainly is coming fast. 

Excited for this Journey.


I’ve had a couple people ask me what I’ll do when I get to Haiti if my birth mom doesn’t want to meet me.
 I’m honestly going for closure. Whether she wants to meet me or not, that part in me will be closed and I won’t live my life wondering “What if.”

 If she doesn’t want to meet me, yes, it’ll hurt a bit. But you know what I have amazing parents who love me unconditionally along with a lot of family and friends. I’m very thankful I get this opportunity since a lot of people who are/were adopted don’t.

Hannah’s Journey 

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I have a few trips happening in the future, and figured I’d blog about them. Before I get into all that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Hannah, I was adopted from Haiti when I was eighteen months old. I am now eighteen and my first trip that will be happening will be to Haiti.
This trip will be a very exciting and a personal trip for me. As I mentioned before I was adopted from Haiti, not only will I get the chance to go back to the place I am from, I will be able to meet my Birth Mom and siblings.
I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Welcome to my Journey!

Picture was taken Fall 2016. 


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